Just before the Coccolia village you will reach a long alley of high poplars, at the end of which you will see farm buildings, a middle-age Tower, an ancient Portico, one of the few still existing in perfectly good state in Romagna (in ancient times it was used to beat hemp, corn and other productions).

At last you can perceive the Villa Pasolini, where many generations of the family used to live during the summer. They used to invite guests who came regularly from England, France and United States to study the farming techniques and to visit the mosaics in Ravenna.

At the beginning of the 19th century very old buildings were transformed in stables where the Pasolini family used to keep their riding horses.

The rural portico is particularly attractive and behind it you can see a graceful country house, the Villa. The very well known Faenza theatre painters Romolo and Tancredi Liverani decorated the vault and the walls in the charming gallery and in the lovely dining room, imitating a large red and white striped military tent opening on beautiful romantic views. In the building there is a graceful small chapel with important historical commemorative stones. Close to the villa you will see two ancient stone wells.


The beautiful Park is worth visiting: long lime alleys where planted as a frame to small woods and extensive lawns. Exceptional the height of the planes and the limes. A beautiful park to walk through and the paddock where once were trained the riding horses. In the wood you can still perceive box hedges, once a formal garden.

The family loved horses and used to ride every morning in the pine woods and on the beach; the same horses were put on a station wagon so that the Pasolini could ride in Montericco, Ravenna and Rome.