Historical Notes

coccolia_castellloThe via Ravegnana is the important connection between Ravenna and Florence: passing through the rich cultivated Romagna plane, to the town of Forlì then up the lovely green Apennine Mountains and finally you see the beautiful Tuscan plane and in the distance Florence.

The city of Ravenna is a few miles from the sea. The via Ravegnana was the road which brought noble families to their country estates, to the pinewoods and the beach, Rasponi, della Torre, Lovatelli, Pasolini among other families.

The Coccolia property belongs to the Pasolini family since the 14th century. The very large estate in ancient times was full of swamps and woods and probably was used to provide wood and food (hunting and fishing).

At the beginning of the 19th century the Pasolini family, among others, rescued the land from wilderness and swamps and turned them in well drained fields, of corn, wheat, and particularly fruit cultivation (peaches, apricots and cherries): the most important in Italy. In this beautiful countryside these families built their villas, designed by well known artists, and lovely parks with gardens, small woods and large meadows.